Solution to Example

  1.  Which point is on the y-axis?
    In the figure above, the y-axis is labeled. The only point lying on this axis is point A.
  2. Which point is labeled (20, 60)?
    If you look at the figure above, you can see:
    • The line drawn from point B down to the x-axis intersects the x-axis at 20.
    • The line drawn from point B to the y-axis intersects the y-axis at 60.

    Therefore, the ordered (x, y) pair for point B is (20, 60)


  1. Which point(s) have a y-coordinate of 30?
    In the figure above, a line is drawn that intersects the y-axis at 30. This line intersects both points A and C.
    (NOTE: Point A is on the y-axis at the point (0, 30).) Therefore, both of these points have a y-coordinate of 30.

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