Securing Scholarships

After reviewing your financial aid awards, and selecting a school, you may find that you award doesn't cover the entire costs associated with college. At this point, you might want to turn to outside scholarships to help you cover those costs.

Use Online Resources

One of the most effective ways to search for scholarships is to use online search engines. A number of websites have dedicated search engines where you can sign up for an account and be alerted of scholarship matching criteria set by you. Be aware of websites that ask you to pay a finder's fee or similar compensation. These are usually not worth the money. You might find these sites helpful:

Use Local Resources

In addition to searching online, you might want to consult your local library and guidance counselor for scholarship opportunities. Look specially for local businesses (such as where you parents work) that might offer scholarships. Many community organizations might also offer scholarships to members or students that provide volunteer services for them.

Use College's Financial Aid Office

Another option you might want to consider is calling each school's financial aid offices and inquiring about scholarships they might have available or know about it. This proactive approach lets the financial aid office know that you are serious about finding funding opportunities.


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