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Forming an Effective Study Group

  1. Select a maximum of six classmates to join the study group. If it is too large, it tends to be ineffective.
  2. Establish a purpose for the study group. Some possible purposes are:
    • Exchange lecture notes
    • Prepare for tests
    • Discuss the material in the text and/or in class
    • Share the reading load
    • Critique each other's assignments
    • Create possible test questions
  3. Organize the study group:
    • Agree to a specific location
    • Determine a specific time
    • Decide if the study group will meet on a regular basis throughout the semester or just meet prior to exams
    • Select a leader who is responsible for making sure all members of the group knows what they must do to participate and /or what they must bring to the next meeting
    • Decide on the responsibilities that each member must agree to in order to stay in the group
  4. After each test in the course the group should meet to evaluate the effectiveness of the study group for helping the members to prepare for it and learn the material.

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