On-line Assessments

Know Your Learning Modality

examThere are a number of web sites that offer surveys and questionnaires that can also help you identify your learning preferences. Comparing what you think are your preferences with the results of the questionnaires can help you confirm or raise questions about your learning preferences. The web sites below are great places to start:

  • Jung Typology Test (Also known as the Briggs & Myers test)
  • This personality assessment identifies your personality type. This test is useful in help you assess your learning style
  • The Kersey Temperament Sorter
  • This assessment helps you identify your personality type sorting you into four different groups or temperaments. Understanding the results can help you make better judgments about your preferences and strengths and weaknesses in learning.
  • Multiple Intelligences Test
  • This test helps identify seven distinct intelligences. Knowing your most prominent intelligence can help you decide on the type of resources you can use to study and the type of environment best suited to help you learn.
  • Vark Inventory
  • The VARK (visual, auditory, read/write, kinesthetic) instrument identifies your learning preference. The assessment gives you a value for each learning category helping you identify your preferred learning modalities.

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