DIRECTIONS : select the statement that best describes your work and study habits

  1. Select the statement(s) that describe your time management skills:
    1. I budget time for what I need to do
    2. My assignments are completed on time
    3. I go to class on time and keep appointments
    4. I balance my academic, social, and personal commitments
    5. I use my time wisely during the day
    6. I attend classes regularly
    7. I realistically estimate the time I need to complete a task
    8. Stress is a factor affecting how I manage my time
  2. Select the statement(s) that best describe your task management skills:
    1. I understand what I need to do for an assignment before I start it
    2. I divide a large assignment into small parts
    3. I come to class prepared
    4. I realistically estimate the time I need to complete a task
    5. When I don't do an assignment it is because I don't know how to do it
    6. Getting started in the hardest part of completing a task
    7. I think through a plan for completing a task before I start
    8. I know what I need to do but I just can't seem to do it
  3. I am easily distracted where I study by (check all that apply):
    1. The phone
    2. TV
    3. Clutter
    4. Music
    5. Other people
    6. Computer i.e. e-mail, internet, games, etc.
    7. Preoccupation with personal issues
  4. Select the statement(s) that best describe your note-taking skills:
    1. I listen and concentrate in a class rather than writing notes
    2. I can separate major points from details during lecture.
    3. I record enough information in my class notes.
    4. I review my notes after class.
    5. My notes are useful when I study for exams.
    6. I translate my notes or the text into my own words.
    7. I highlight and underline a lot in the text.
    8. My notes consist of only the information the professor provides on the overhead.
  5. Select the statement(s) that best describes your reading habits:
    1. I understand what I read
    2. I recognize main ideas from details in texts
    3. I read all my assigned readings the same way
    4. I use the author's text aids when I read
    5. I complete my reading assignments
    6. I know what is important in the text
    7. I know what the professor expects me to understand and remember from the text.
    8. I review what I read.
  6. Select the statement(s) that best describe how you remember things:
    1. I remember information if I read it
    2. I group information into categories to memorize.
    3. I remember material I hear in lecture
    4. I relate new material to familiar information
    5. I create a purpose for what I learn
    6. I relate what I learn in one course to another
    7. I visualize information I want to learn
    8. I use repetition to improve my memory
  7. Select the statement(s) that best describes how you prepare for exams:
    1. I anticipate questions that will be on the test
    2. I prepare a few days in advance for an exam
    3. My review of material is constant and ongoing
    4. I rely on my friends to help me prepare
    5. I cram for an exam the night before
    6. I am sure of what information will be covered on the test
    7. Before the exam I am preoccupied with the grade and stressed at the thought of the test
    8. I participate in a study group
  8. Select the statement(s) that best describes your reactions to taking exams
    1. I prefer taking essay tests
    2. I prefer taking objective exams (e.g., T-F, multiple-choice)
    3. It is difficult to control my anxiety during a test
    4. I complete tests within the time limits
    5. I have time to check my answers before I hand it in
    6. I am surprised by the test questions in my exams
    7. I gain confidence as I answer the questions during the exam
    8. How I think I did on the test is consistent with the results I get back

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