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How do I prepare for an exam?

This chart provides suggestions for what to do in order to prepare for a test and why that particular strategy is effective

What to Do Why it Works
Find out when the exam will be given It organizes you. You know when your preparation needs to be done.
Find out what material the exam will cover and its format: It organizes you. You identify the "what" and "how" to study.
Identify all the sources of information and the topics that will be covered on the exam in those sources It organizes you. You identify where the material is that you need to review.
Divide the material into sections by topic rather than source. Use the topic outline in the syllabus if it is detailed and add material not noted It organizes you. It helps you consolidate the information into one place.
Set up a study schedule within your current schedule, assigning each topic to a specific block of time It organizes you. It helps you avoid cramming and makes test preparation more manageable
Prepare study sheets, index cards, or other review tools for each of the topics You are actively studying. You reinforce your learning while creating portable study tools that can be used anywhere.
Using the review tools, predict test question and answer them during the scheduled study time You are evaluating what you know. Your preparation is in the format of your test therefore lessening your test anxiety.




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