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Mike's Story: Does this sound like you?


Mike is a conscientious student and tries to keep up with all the work assigned to him. He takes his grades very seriously and if he doesn't understand the material or feels that he is doing less than a B in the course, he gets overwhelmed with his frustration

Mike is used to studying for tests on way regardless of the course. he puts a lot of time into his studying. He usually starts by rewriting his lecture notes. Then, he reads the textbook and takes notes on the information that he thinks will be on the test, which is usually notes on everything. This is followed by rewriting his reading notes and rereading all of the notes taken. When Mike still has doubts, he creates flash cards for all the information and reviews the cards until the moment before the exam. Even will all of this preparation, he continues to be stressed during his studying and is unsatisfied with his performance on the exam if his grade is less than a A.

Even when you put in a lot of time and energy, studying for a test can be like dart throwing; that is, you are hoping to study the right material. Try thinking about preparing for exams and studying as beginning the first day of classes. Each week reorganize the material you need to learn in classes and create review tools that you will use for reviewing prior to the exam. The more you can distribute your practice of the material, the less stressful and more effective studying for exams will be for you.

Think about these questions and share your answers!

  • What do you do now to prepare for exams or tests and why do you do it?
  • What is happening now that indicates you are or could be more effective and efficient in preparing for your exams.


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