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Reading Strategies to Use BEFORE Reading

The tactics in the chart below will help you establish a reading purpose. Use any of these tactics, singularly or in combination, as a way to prepare before you read.

Survey the chapter to identify the general ideas in it. Read the title, headings, introduction, summary, review questions, terms, and other aids that ive you the gist of the material. It gives you a mental outline or road map of the material to use when you read. A framework for your reading improves comprehension.
Identify the parts of the text emphasized by the professor (1) Attend lecture first to hear the points that the professor thinks are most important. (2) Star those sections in the text that were covered in class Improves your comprehension and draws your attention to the material your professor has discussed.
Recall what you already know about the material 1) Read the title and summary (2) Reflect on information from class that covered material in the text. (3) List or just think about all the facts or ideas you already know about the subject covered in the text As you read, new information will stand out.
Identify how the information is organized (1) Read the title, headings, introduction, and summary. (2) Use the text aids as clues to anticipate the predominant organization pattern used by the author in the text. This will help you identify the important information and help you sort major ideas from details. You will more easily recognize the material your professor expects you to learn.
Establish a reading purpose (1) List questions that you would like answered in your reading. (2) Turn the heading or subheading into a question A reading purpose improves your comprehension.


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