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MR. R.

This strategy emphasizes attention span, reading comprehension, and recitation. This strategy has been used by students in language courses, anthropology, fine arts, and mathematics. Mr.R is well suited to course that are text-dependent and for students who are auditory learners.

Measure Determine the length of your reading assignment and the length of your attention span. Time yourself reading the textbook and note the number of pages read before your concentration starts to wane. Divide the assignment into logical chunks compatible with your attention span. Chapter headings or subheadings may be convenient ways to chunk the reading. You only need to do the measurement once. Each time you have a reading assignment in that particular text, use the measurement as a guide to create reading chunks Measurement is intended to help you divide your reading into smaller units so you accomplish the reading with efficiency and effectiveness
Read Read paragraph by paragraph. As you complete a paragraph, jot down key terms in the margin to recall the information you just read. Reread the paragraph if you did not understand it well enough to recall the key words and their significance. Improves your comprehension and draws your attention to the material your professor has discussed.
Recite Using the key words noted in the margins, create flash cards. Use the flash cards as cues to recite the information. Participate in a study group to discuss the information. As you read, new information will stand out.


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