Teachers vs Professors

Teachers vs Professors

Most professors have different priorities and expectations than teachers. They expect students to carry the bulk of the load in a class and view themselves as available resources. The table below summarizes those differences.

High School College
Teachers will remind students of homework assignments and check the homework. Students are responsible for knowing the material. Often, professors will not check homework.
If students are struggling teachers will let them know and often ask student if extra help is required. Professors expect students to be self-aware about their learning. If extra help is needed, it is expected that the student will schedule time to meet with the professor or teaching assistant.
Teachers are usually available to meet when approached by a student Professors have set office hours or set appointment times to meet with students
Teachers often remind students of expectations. Professors provide students with a syllabus at the beggining of the class and students are responsible for reading it and understanding course requirements and expectations.
Teachers are more lenient about assignments due dates, test retakes, etc... Professors expect assignments to be handed in on the dates specified in the syllabus and rarely accept excuses
Teachers will often go at a slower pace and cover less content Professors tend to cover a broad range of information. They rarely deviate from the syllabus.
Teachers usually write notes on the board for students to copy into his or her notebook. Professors may provide lecture notes, but expect students to take notes on key information.

Sources: Murray State and Middlesex County college


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