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Note Taking Strategies

Use these techniques to help you prepare for class, keep your attention focused during the lecture, and to help you create valuable tools to prepare for tests. tmstudent


  • Identify the topic of the lecture from the syllabus. Create 5 questions that you want to know about the topic.
  • Read the terms and the definitions in the text for the topic that will be covered in class.
  • Briefly review your notes from the previous lecture and think about how the previous material may relate to the new topic
  • Find out as much as you can about the tests and use the information to guide what you listen for and record in your notes
  • Skim the reading assignment before class so that you are familiar with the major points
  • Complete the reading assignment before class
  • Read through the section of the study guide that will be covered in the lecture.
  • Arrange to have a note-taking buddy so information that you miss will probably be in your buddy's notes


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