Finalizing Your Application

Finalizing Your Application

After you complete your applications, it is time to do one final check. Review your application for spelling and grammar mistakes and to ensure all the information is accurate. Read your essay one more time again checking for grammar and spelling. Also make sure that you have attached all required documents with your application or that you have made arrangements so that they can be sent over to the school. It is your responsibility to ensure recommenders send their letters out on time and that guidance counselors submit your transcripts. A good strategy to use is to create a chart (you can use excel or do it by hand) listing all the schools you applied to, the day you submitted your application, and all the supporting materials required. This way you can see what outstanding materials need to be submitted and you can more easily follow up with those responsible for submitting the materials.


  • Check your application to make sure all information is accurate
  • Read your essay one final time
  • Make sure to follow up with guidance counselors and recommenders


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