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Taking the SAT/ACT

Taking the SAT/ACT

Sometime in your junior year, you should register to take the SAT test. The SAT Reasoning Test is a tool used by college admission officers to help them make decisions about the students they will admit. While performance on the test is important, it is only ONE of MANY factors that will be considered with your college application. Your academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and other applications items will also play a big role in the admissions process.

There are many ways to prepare for the SAT. Use the links below to access helpful test preparation resources. In addition, many high schools offer review classes to help you review basic topics in math, critical reading, and writing. Or you may choose to enroll in a prep course such as the one offered by the Princeton Review or Collebe Board. Start your preparation early and give yourself plenty of time to review all the topics that might be included in the test. Know where you are at the beginning and set a goal to achieve. And remember that you can take the test more than once so not achieving your goal at first should only serve as motivation to continue to work hard and strenghten your preparation.

SAT / ACT Resources



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