Visiting Colleges

Once you have figured out some colleges you are interested in, it is time to hit the road and personally see the places where you may potentially spend the next 4 years. Here are some helpful tips to make your visit more enjoyable and useful.

Before the visit

Make sure you check with your guidance couselor about proper procedure to take time off from school so that you can visit colleges

Call ahead and schedule tours, class visits, and arrangements to stay in the dorms - if desired

Make a list of questions you'd like to ask and places you would like to see

Go to the college's website and print a map so that you know the lay of the land

During the visit

Take your own tour of the campus exploring areas that are of interest to you and not covered in the group tour

If you have the opportunity, speak to students around campus and ask questions about culture, campus life, academics, etc..

Sit in on a class that might of interest or related to your prospective major

After the visit

Write down your thoughts about each place you visit. Make a list of pros and cons.


The resources below will help you get a better feel for the type of questions you should ask, and the kind of information you should seek.


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