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Task Management Strategies

These strategies will help you manage your assignmentstmstudent

1. Work on your hardest course first

Your hardest courses require the most concentration and longest attention span, so they should be done first

2. Do your hardest assignments first

Your attention span and alertness are best when you start out doing an assignment. Do those assignments that are most difficult first.

3. Let your attention span be your guide to divide assignments into smaller parts

Time yourself and find out how long it takes you to do a particular activity, such as reading, before your attention span wanes. Use this a guide to divide your assignments into manageable parts. This will allow you to capitalize on your attention span and maintain an efficient level of concentration.

4. Alternate subjects during your study time

Set aside a certain amount of material to cover or a time limit for one course and when that is done, move on to another course. Alternate a difficult course with an easier or high-interest one. You can then go back to the difficult course. Alternating course can maintain your concentration.

5. Use due dates for assignments to set priorities and check them off when you complete them

Be sure that you list your assignments by due dates so that you are getting them accomplished on time. The earlier due dates have the highest priority. Checking assignments off your list provides you with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue.


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