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What's the point?

Your goal is to become efficient and effective. Organizing yourself is essential for achieving this goal. Every course will not require the same amount of time. Some course will require more than others. You should notice the differences and similarities between the materials you need to use, the tasks that you need to accomplish, the amount of time needed to do the work in each, and the optimum place(s) to do it. Consider these differences when you plan what, when, and where you need to study tmstudent

Time Management Tools & Strategies

Whether you use planners, post-its, notebooks, a laptop, or your phone, the purpose for using them is to help you become efficient. Your management tools need to support that goal. Papers don't need to be written the night before; attending class unprepared shouldn't be an option, nor should forgetting appointments. All of these situations can be changed by using effective time management tools and strategies. Follow the links on the left and check out some of the best management tools and strategies we've collected over the years. Check out a podcast or videocast an dl learn from fellow students as they share their experiences and give you tips and advice on becoming a better time manager, and more expedient learner.


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