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Time Management Tools

There are a variety of time management tools you can use to optimize your schedule. Here are some examples. Click on each link to learn more about each strategy tmstudent

Monthly Calendars

These types of calendars are effective for visualizing how your assignments spread out throughout the month and when your exams, project, and papers are clustered. It is easy, then, to know how to distribute your workload more evenly. You are able to foresee your have workload times and plan in anticipation of them. Long-term assignments and projects are easily planned with this type of calendar. You can download of copy of a monthly calendar here

Weekly Calendars

These are an excellent way to see where your study time can occur. By filling in your fixed responsibilities such as classes, meals, sleep, work, and extracurricular activities, the blank times then become possible study times. Each block of study time can be allocated to a specific academic task or course. It is also a good way to schedule catch-up time in the even that the time you set aside is not sufficient in order to complete the responsibility. If you have courses that require constant attention then you might find this calendar most beneficial. You can download a copy of a weekly calendar here


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