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Finding ways to structure your time

Here are some additional time management strategies and tools that can you help in your quest to manage your time

Fritter Finder

fritterfinderYou may have the feeling that time just flies or that you never have enough time to get everything done. What you will discover is that you tend to fritter time away and don't even realize it. Valuable short time frames can use productively, but when do they occur and for how long? Begin this strategy by:

  1. Fill out a weekly planner
  2. Start on Monday, color in the spaces when you are not in classes starting with the end of your last class of the day. Continue to color non-class time for each weekday
  3. Add the hours that are shaded for each day and then total them to determine your weekly fritter time
  4. Now, decide how to use the time more productively. For example, after a class use the time to review or start an assignment. Before a class use the time to review notes in anticipation of a new materials.


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