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Chunks of 8 Plan

This plan suggests that you divide a 24-hour day into three equal chucks of time:

  • 8 hours for sleeping
  • 8 hours for leisure
  • 8 hours for academics

One eight-hour block should be for sleeping. DO NOT compromise this time block. These hours are important for maintaining your health; the more sleep deprived you are the less resistant you are to colds, mono, and other health issues that typically affect college students. Another chunk of eight hours is for leisure. The final chunk of 8 hours is academic hours and it includes class time, doing assignments, reviewing, etc. The purpose of chunking is to help you realize the need for balance in your day. On ant given day your schedule will typically have slight variations; that is, you will ned more academic time resulting in less leisure time or vice versa. The chart below is a Lindsay's very own distribution of her time.



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